My top 5 React.js Libraries

Here’s a list of React Libraries for your project. They’ll increase your productivity and add functionality without much effort.

A pretty small library with a huge number of icons to use on your projects, from Facebook to Google, you’ll find the right icon for the perfect link, oh and you can style them with css as well.

Created by google it utilizes their famous material design, lightweight and powerful, it allows you to incorporate a visual stunning UI to your project.

Styled components is a CSS library that allows you to write small CSS modules and helps you keep everything in sync so no CSS rule overwrites another, try it out and see for yourself. With a huge number of contributors it’s constantly update, so you’ll have no compatibility issues.

Cypress is a fast and lightweight library that works right on your browser. It’ll make debugging a lot easier and you’ll have your project running in no time.

Redux is a state management library that’ll help you pass data between components without prop drilling. It takes a little time to set up and it’s a bit verbose, but once you get it running modifying state is a breeze.

There are a billion-trillion (well maybe not that many) React libraries you can incorporate into your react project, but these are the ones I keep coming back to. which are your favorites?

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