A Different Approach to Project Creation

So in a nutshell, the way I’ve been building my projects has been straightforward; outline whatever it is I’m doing and then jumping right in. But my next project is bigger, so I’m tackling it in a different way.

The Main Feature Project

I didn’t say much about the main project where all the mini projects will fit in but suffice it to say that it’s going to be a post-apocalyptic game that’s entirely browser based. I figured it was best that way instead of learning the basics of a graphics engine, as I’m looking for work as a web developer and this would showcase my skills in a better way.

A Bunch of Little Projects

As I prepare different modules, I decided to try something different; make the main ‘parts’ of the project into stand alone projects, not only to practice but because seeing each part working independently will provide insights into the project as a whole. I can fine tune things and adapt each part as needed.

The First mini-project

Easy enough the first project I’m tackling is the enemy character creator. FoeSure (I’m a sucker for corny names)

In the setting of the game, random encounters will need an enemy character creator to allow the player to face different challenges. The same could be said about a friendly character creator and that might share some if not all the same functionalities, and that in turn will decide if I split that into two different projects or not.

What FoeSure will do

An enemy will have different attributes that will be randomly generated based on a seed, that seed deciding the difficulty level of the enemy.

A seed will contain a series of numbers, each one being responsible for different things, like level, appearance, description, etc. As the player progresses in the game, that seed will be tied to different parts to adjust the gameplay


Seeds will be the key element to adjusting gameplay, not just for the enemies and friendly but for the game itself. For now it’s just being applied to enemies but as I progress, things will change foe sure.



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